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Name: Andrea Wahl
Born: yup. (date: 8.June 66 - great year)
profession: software application developer

Hell, I really love this job!

my computer



Who has not yet guessed: ;-) Riva - beautiful Saarloos-Wolfdog lady

In addition the parrots (some call them green pest, wonder why ;-) Gonzo (Pit-Bull-Amazon, the darnedest creature ;-) and Lisa (little stooooopid-Amazon, bred in Germany, sometimes a bit clumsy :-)

Cooking! Whenever there's time left between dog, birds, SO and work I go berserk in the kitchen, creating yummy caloric-bombs :-D
Unfortunately time is rare these days. :-O I like asian and japanese food. And if anybody out there wants to mail-bomb me with recipes, feel free to do so!

Reading! This is close to an addiction. Hey, you know this feeling when there's no unread book left in the shelves?
Whenever we move (which happens often), I hate these books because it's the major part to be schlepped around :-P
Authors I like:

  • William Gibson
  • Anne Rice (thanks to Jen!)
  • Robert Heinlein (thanks to Daria!)
  • Isaak Asimov

Books I love

  • The Lord of the Rings
  • The Mists of Avalon
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (YAY!)

and many, many more...

I started writing about a year ago. Haven't yet made it from fanfiction to serious writing, but I enjoy it a lot and get some good feedback. You can read at Shit In My Head.

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