Well, dear friends: these are the proof-pix we took during the last BBQ :-)

The micro-pix are linked to the full and bashing view of the real picture. Have no idea how long they may take to load (and don't care too much, you with your cost-free ISPs *grumble* or wave-cable-modems *more grumble*)

Please, to all the photographers and pix-editors I know and whose abilities I marvel at: all these pix are RAW. I do not have any knowledge about picture-faking, and Peter will hate me for loading 'em up this way, Chris and Chris will ridicule me: I DON'T CARE, folks! I may be able to program a computer, but as a user I suck completely (and no: you now do not have me by the balls (not only because I lack those), because my boss already knows - duh! I am always a step ahead :-) )

So, let's introduce some friends:


Steffen (sitting on the chair ;-) and
faithful Riva hoping for something
to fall down from the dish. Steffen is
well known for collecting all kind of
junk, what brought him the nic of


Volker. Just about to make his 2nd
Diploma (master? dunno). Basically
it's about welding by blowing shit up
in the air
Have seen results: impressive!

Finished with friends. We have to live:


Poorly reduced grille. The sausage are
NOT wieners or so. They are made by
RAW ground pork, and seasoning. That's the
true way to do it, right?

Peter and the wolf ;-)

Peter and wolf

Riva really loves him (no, this is not
because she gets corrupted by bacon!
What you folks think?) Somehow I
must make her understand I bought
her! Any ideas? More bacon?
You kidding? She'd probably burst!



Did I already mention I adore this
stupid little insubordinate wanna-be
wolf? No?
I do! Despite all the damage she's
done so far (list would be too long) I
believe she's simply the best :-)

Of course we have to sleep after the hard
fights with the grille ;-)


Proudly introducing tiny euro-camper. Even
for euro-measurements (muuuuuuch smaller
than any mercun / canucki measures) a small
one. Moves 6 people, sleeps 4 (hell, what we
do with those 2 left?) *scratches head*

  • Shoot?
  • Eat? (well, shoot first, that's right)
  • simply kick out?

mark choice you like most ;-)