Saarloos Wolfdog

Working Saarloos Wolfdog

It is a pity the Saarloos is not longer a working breed. Working dogs are the exception nowadays. As mentioned above, the breeding during the first years after Mr. Saarloos died were missing leadership and knowledge and wiped out some characteristics. Today the Saarloos Wolfdog is simpliy a companion to enjoy.

You cannot assume a good obedience (as GSD show)! That is not wanted. The Saarloos has to be a dog that can act independent, altough it has a very strong bondage with its humans. They are very pig-headed, so their owner needs to be even more pig-headed (not easy!).

But this means not, they cannot be trained! All dogs can be trained. People who deny this, are only too lazy to try it (if not too stupid). Saarloos Wolfdogs are very intelligent and learn quickly, when the right methods are used: Positive reinforcement shows great results. With pressure and forcing you will go nowhere.

Group-training on a K9-club-area is great and makes them help to get rid of eventual shyness. Esp. sports (Agility, Hurdles aso.) makes lot of fun. A pup with good nose may be trained as tracker-dog.

Raise the dog with a lot of patience and consequence from beginning on! expect nothing, so you will be amazed by everything your dog learns! Donīt you have any ambitions, otherwise you will be disappointed and it is always the dog, who must cope with this. You and your dog shall have fun together! Nothing else.

Choose the right training club! It is important the trainers like your kind of dog and are well educated concerning dog and wolf behaviour. If you feel not taken as full: leave! Otherwise you and your dog will be very unhappy and frustrated. Look for a place where they use "kind methods", where they know about positive reinforcement.

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