Saarloos Wolfdog

Saarloos Wolfdogs for whom??

"A nerd who owns a Saarloos" a breederīs quote. There is some truth in this. Get as much information as you can, believe all the horror-stories the owners and breeders tell you. Saarloos-owners do not need to exaggerate! We do not want these dogs being bought because they are soooo beautyful and imposing without knowing what problems may occur.

Learn body language! Saarloos Wolfdogs have all they need for being understood: a long tail, erect ears and double-coated fur. Whoever works with Saarloos can read them like an open book

Socialization is IMPORTANT from day 1. The pups must meet everything before they develop anxiety-reactions during week 8.

Nervous people will get nervous or anxious dogs. Behavior is very strongly adopted. The owner has to be able to give the dog security and self-confidence. Never force the dog into situations that may turn dangerous or embarrasing. The trusting Saarloos even will accompany your shopping.

It is a pity there are some tragic lifes: Dogs that could have been rescued from being euthanized with less than 18 months. Not because they were dangerous. No: because their owners were incompetent, miseducated and not able to treat the dog the way it needed to!

There are enough dogs in animal shelters! A Saarloos may be a great companion, but think it over: it wants to love you for 15 years. You cannot throw it away, if it fulfills not your (too high) expectations!

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